Sunday, July 10, 2016

Captain's Log start date 10.07.2016.15.11

Its been 6 years since I have settled this far from my home, built own little world. The place is beautiful, a little humid, but beautiful, people are good, food is good. But there is a language barrier which, sometimes, not always, proves to be really frustrating. But that is not the actual problem that has raised its head from last 2 months. I am getting sick, quite literal. The health meter is showing the lowest possible number and because of it I am feeling that I am alone and trapped. I am also psychologically tiered of same place, same routine and same damn job. 
I want to be with people, friends, but I am in dilemma. Here I have all the resources that I wanted with better prospects, but less people around.
There I have all the friends and relatives, but less resources.
What to do, how to proceed, this thought now consumes most of my thinking time. And then there is this fear of falling sick again.
Now responsibilities have also increased as I am going to be a father.
Need to clear my thoughts, need to improve my health, need to improve my life.
I need motivation...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Captain's Log Star date 8.15.2010.00.03

We won... Spanish team , which is my favorite from years, is now the new WORLD CHAMPIONS.. boy, i m so glad...
I totally loved the way these guys play... There way of playing is absolutly mindblowing.. they play a lot more better than the old Spanish squad..
Man I love to see the footwork and the magic they create on the field... the wisdome they show in playing fair n square, tactically strong and fascinating..
My happiness is triple as finally my team got what it deserves... it was a best team, it is a best team and by the grace of god.. it'll always b the best team... and now the entire world has realized it.
This team is the best example of the old saying..
We can change our destiny by our own hard work..
I know it already.. and now the world reckon it too...
Espana... we love you.. yo :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Captain's Log - StarDate 1.7.2010.18.18

Seventh day is ending.. its evening and i am sitting in my office [ya, exactly, of that fucked up job]. I am going to pack up and head for the little nest i m living in with 2 other friends of mine. Its dark but foggy outside, dense fog is all over the city since morning and temperature is quite chilling.
Today was the same old boring kinda day. But i took a very minuscule step towards my goal. I downloaded a Virtual Machine creator and documents to help me with Java, the platform I am looking a job in. This little step will help me in studying Java technology before appearing for any interview.
I am leaving the office now, will reach my nest in around an hour.. then after doing some routine chores, I will hover over Java for a while before hitting the sack [only addition in the same boring routine].
Nothing much happened today, so nothing much to say- at least for the time being. Day ended just like that.

yo :)

Captain's Log - StarDate 1.7.2010.17.57

Seventh day of the very first week of Earth's latest year. Also my second month on a small planet that goes by the name- Noida. Its a industrial town with lots of cars, subway trains [knows as 'Metro' in United States of India], bikes, traffic jams, shopping malls, rushing people [lots of people] and pollution.
I managed to find a job in nearby planet also the capital of USI called Delhi. Delhi is no different from Noida or any other NCR region for that matter. I joined my current workplace more than 2 yrs ago and since than it took me 1 full and a half year to realize what a fucked up job I am having with salary delays and cuts all along which probably account for my miserable past 2 years. My best crew members.. my parents also suffered along me. I think they have suffered more and they are also on a different and distant planet.
So I am pretty much bad at sailing my life all my life. But now, since the beginning of earth's new year, i have, as is the custom of earth, have taken a resolution to change everything. I've started hunting for a new and decent paying job. This would be the top priority.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hi 2010, how r ya.. how r ya gonna b?

So finally, its new year. Happy new year everyone...
My new year's eve,night and the first day went great. On the eve, I celebrated a lot..
the night was beautiful.. thanks to the Blue Moon which get spectacular in the first hour of the new year with a beautiful partial lunar eclipse that forced me to start this year with its mesmerizing sight that lasts for about an hour in the night.
I love such things and its nice to start a fresh year with them.
Then comes the first day of year, slight chill was there but overall weather was cheerful.
So this was the happy start of the year. They say that if the start is good, the whole year might be good. Six days of the year are gone, and not a single good thing had happened since the eclipse. The happiness I received with the sight of this extraordinary natural phenomenon got all washed away with the pretty ugly things like only half salary get credited to my account [they blame it on the recession] ,etc. etc.

But hey, the problems will always be there, the whole point to look for is that how will i tackle them. This new year i m gonna change my life a lot, its gonna be way much better than previous years..New year will see how i actually turn it into a 'HAPPY' New Year... for me and for my loved ones...
Yo :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hey Santa, Is That My Christmas Gift?

T -3 days... not for a shuttle launch... for Christmas :) and I am feeling Christmas spirit around me already. Christmas week is, and has always been, full of joy, twists and happiness. You sense something mysterious around you when unlike most of your weeks, all of your days of a particular special week goes way much better. This kinda week for me is Christmas week. Christmas spirit always works for me... I've been observing this for around 4 years (3yrs+this one) and every single year brings me some or the other joy on Christmas week, especially on Christmas Eve and on Christmas itself. I cannot say the same for the other weeks and days of the year with such a certainty and that’s for sure. Don't think that I am religious or something, just sharing this coincidence (which is happening from last 3 years and its happening right now in this year) with you, which I love to think as Christmas Spirit. The nice thing of thinking like that is that it helps me to feel good, which helps me to do good and which, in turn, again makes me feel good. As simple as that... and as melodious as Jingle Bells. :)
I wonder who is behind this wonderful gift... Santa… is that u?
YO :)

Monday, December 21, 2009

To Pandora and Back but still on it

After all the twists and turns, i finally made my journey to Pandora. The 3D experience was unlike any 3D experience I had before... this one was spectacular. It feels like actually being on the moon (for the unawares- Pandora is a moon, not a planet) itself. James had created this one so spectacular,mystical,dangerous, beautiful, green and connected that at the beginning of the movie i wish to be on that planet, my wish got fulfilled during the movie and right after movie's end, i wish to be on Pandora again. I really liked and enjoyed every bit of Avatar. Not just because it was 3D and experience was rich, but i liked the involvement of biochemical neural network type connection of the entire planet with all its habitats,plants, animals and Na'vi (the 10 feet tall, blue colored,long tailed inhabitants of Pandora) . I really like and support that kinda thinking towards nature. That connection is important and was really a wonderful concept James has woven into the movie. The science part and the Avatar concept is not new to me. But the story of this AVATAR, relly touched my heart.
Thanks James for this spectacular piece of work.. you made my weekend an unforgettable memory...
yo :)