Sunday, July 10, 2016

Captain's Log start date 10.07.2016.15.11

Its been 6 years since I have settled this far from my home, built own little world. The place is beautiful, a little humid, but beautiful, people are good, food is good. But there is a language barrier which, sometimes, not always, proves to be really frustrating. But that is not the actual problem that has raised its head from last 2 months. I am getting sick, quite literal. The health meter is showing the lowest possible number and because of it I am feeling that I am alone and trapped. I am also psychologically tiered of same place, same routine and same damn job. 
I want to be with people, friends, but I am in dilemma. Here I have all the resources that I wanted with better prospects, but less people around.
There I have all the friends and relatives, but less resources.
What to do, how to proceed, this thought now consumes most of my thinking time. And then there is this fear of falling sick again.
Now responsibilities have also increased as I am going to be a father.
Need to clear my thoughts, need to improve my health, need to improve my life.
I need motivation...

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